Textiles - Fibres  
Acrylic tops and tows
Polyester fibre & tows
Viscose fibre
Speciality Fibres
Cotton enquiry
Indian Origin: Diversified ranging from 16 mm to 38 mm in length, 2.5 NCL to 7.5 NCL in micronnaire, and 16 G.tex to 32 G.tex in strength. E.g. Suvin, DCH 32, MCU 5, Bunny/Brahma, Shanker 6, H-4 / Mech 1, L.R.A., J -34, ; SKAL certified organic cotton etc.
Also CIS origin, Uzbekistan origin,
Egyptian Cotton: Giza 86, Giza 70,
US Cotton : Pima, Supima cotton,
West African cotton etc.
Acrylic tops and tows enquiry
Of Indian, Taiwanese, Thailand and European origin.
Elastanes enquiry
Invista Spandex, Roica and other spandex from Far East, China
Wool enquiry
Scoured wool.
Wool tops.
Carpet grade wool, etc.
Polyester fibre & tows enquiry
Various Den. Normal, low pill, trilobal, SHT, optical white, Cationic, regenerated PSF, etc.
Viscose fibre enquiry
(0.8 – 3.0 Den). Normal, dull, Indian, Chinese, Taiwan origin.
Speciality Fibres enquiry
Silk fibre and noils.
Bamboo fibre and tops.
Camel Hair tops (dehaired).
Linen fibres and tops.
Hemp fibre.
Cahmere, etc.
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