We offer all kind of Hot rolled ,cold rolled steel products in coil & sheet forms, Steel Billets of Various Dimensions, Alloys of Lead, Copper, Aluminium, Zinc etc.
Steel enquiry

1. Flat bar and LEAF Spring Steel (SUP9, SAE5160, SUP11, SAE6150, etc).

(i) Size Range: Width: 44--150mm, Thickness: 5--40mm.
(ii) SteelGrade: SAE5160 / 55Cr3 / 50CrV4 / 55CrVA / SUP9 / S9PA / 35Cr / 40Cr / SUP7 / 60SiMnG.
2. Round Bar (Hot Rolled, Forged, Annealed, Peeling, Rough Machined and Cold Drawn, Bright) size range from Dia.13mm to Dia.420mm)
3. Seamless Steel Tube (Hot Rolled, Dia.:OD 51-OD 219 thickness : 8-50mm).
4. Steel Wire Rod (Hot Rolled, the size range is from Dia.5.5mm to Dia.50mm), Ductile Iron Pipe (the size range is Dia.100-1000x9L=6000).
Steel Products
HR SHEET SS400/ Q235
3MM-12MM X 1500X 6000
5.9-11.9 X 735X COIL
H- beam
H 300- H 800
U channel
U 80-U 300
L 100 - L 200
Steel Scrap
HMS 80/20 - 1/2
Alloy/Carbon Structural Steel (SCM440, SAE4140 SNCM439, SAE4340, S45C, SAE1045, etc).
Alloy/Carbon Tool Steel (SKD11, AISI D2, SKD61, AISI H13, etc).
Bearing Steel (SKF, FAG, SUJ2, SAE521000, etc).
Spring Steel (SUP9, SAE5160, SUP11, SAE6150, etc).
Auto Steel (SNCM220H, SAE8620H, SAE1541, 38MnVS6, etc).
Alloy Tube Billet Steel (API, T11, T91, 37Mn5, etc.)
Cobble Steel Plates
Thickness From 30 mm upto 60 mm
Width From 600 mm upto 2170 mm
Length From 6000 mm upto 12000 mm
Silicon Steel Stampings from USA
These stampings are by-product of a Electric plant manufacturing transformers. Most, by volume, are STRIPS of 1" x 8" size. Some strips are bigger, about 1.5" x 8". Some of the stamping leaves sheets of sizes of 12" to 18". Some sheets are in the form of bent coil - NOT used.

Origin: USA/Canada.
Copper enquiry
We offer Copper Products Primary as well as in Scraps.
Aluminium enquiry
We offer Aluminium Products Primary as well as in Scraps. Al ingot 99.7% from India.
Lead enquiry
Lead ingot 99.97% min.
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